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absolutely impossible :)

Something to Share — About Travel

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This email is from a member of the team I am working with. This actually reflects our lifes. :-(

Bless Angela the poor.


Hi All,

I think this last trip is going to pass as “Unforgettable” and Renita could help me to testify this…. what Renita, still doesn’t know was my nightmare was still happening until I’ve got back home…. here is the whole story….
1. I left Sydney, no big deal, everything was as expected, I was prepared for a long flight. :-)
2. I meet the rest of the team in San Francisco. We were able to get the upgrade to Washington, so I was nicely sitting next to Nichole, talking and having fun. Our connection was tight, 1hour only. Once we start going to the runway… the plane stop… we were just there for almost 20min, and we had NO idea about what was going on. Finally the pilot talked, the center of gravity of the plane was wrong… we needed to go back to the gate and get the luggage balanced. This mean we will miss our flight!!!!
3. We finally made it to IAD, 1:10min delayed, but we were still optimistic that they will hold our connecting flight. We were 8 people from us doing that connection, and 5 of them were 1K. 4. We run to the gate, to find NOTHING!! the flight was gone…
5. We returned to the launch, and Renita took care of everything. We will have to wait for 24h, since there is ONLY one daily flight to Sao Paulo. :-(
6. Renita got all of us, bouchers for hotel, food, and taxis.
7. We headed to the luggage pickup, but our luggage wasn’t there. We gave up on this, since the min. waiting time was 2 hours, and it was already midnight.
8. I took a taxi with Renita, and we both had our taxi vouchers with us. The driver asked for BOTH voucher, and of course we refused. Each voucher was $50, good enough to cover the ride. We guessed that he got upset, and he actually ended up dropping us at the WRONG hotel!!!! yes the wrong one…. We knew something was going wrong, as he took off immediately after we arrived, he didn’t even wait for his tip.
9. Renita was able to call the taxi office, and get another taxi for us, of course free of charge, but all this took us around 40min…. :-(
10. Cool, we made it to the hotel, FINALLY, tired and hungry. There was a little store, but EVERYTHING was already GONE!!! all the other passengers from our flight including the rest of our team, got what was left…. jejejej… Renita wasn’t too happy about it, since we basically got popcorns for dinner! :-)
11. Following day we were ready for our flight. We verified with United that our luggage was going to be delivered. (Well… keep dreaming!!!)
12. We made it to Sao Paulo, and after over an hour of immigration we found out that there were no luggage for me and Nichole. Great! that’s what I needed. It was Wed, around 10:30am, and I was presenting on Netbeans day at around 3pm, Great! no cloths… and of course as usual I was wearing my sweatpants.
13. Fortunately Liana got her suitcase, and she kindly offer me her clothes (THANKS LIANA!!! ;-) ) I can’t believe I was able to wear ALL Liana’s: Jeans, tops, even shoes!!!! :-) The shoes where a little big, but I was able to manage!!! ;-)
14. In the evening I run to the mall, and in 30min I was able to buy and entire outfit for the next day.

So, that wasn’t too bad… after all we were there alive.

Then nightmare flight back started on Sat.

15. We left the hotel about 5pm under a TERRIBLE weather, I guess one of the tropical storms!!!
16. Security and Immigration was packed!!! it took us a long time to go through.
17. We had a lot of fun on the flight to Chicago, until the last hour of the flight. Someone got sick, and unfortunately died in our flight. This touched us all.
18. Immigration this time was a nightmare for me. The inspector refused to let me in, saying that the visa was not valid, since I was not staying in the US. I had my hands on the counter, nothing unusual, he yelled at me ” take your hands off”, anyway, he was a complete asshole!!! Finally, not sure why he let me in. I was thinking the worst… oh boy I’ve been deported…
19. Made it to SFO alive, I drove to Menlo Park to pick up some cables and spots for the robosapiens project. Everthing was there thanks to Danny.
20. Took my flight to Sydney…. nothing unusual.
21. Took a taxi back home… and finally made it to my building.
22. Took the elevator and GOT STUCKKKKKKKKKKK……… yesssssssssss…….. what else could go wrong!!!! Jeeeezzzzzz…….. I put my big suitcase inside the elevator, on my way back to get my carry on, the door close, and of course got stuck!!!!! only 10centimiters open… of course I couldn’t get out…. half of my luggage was in, but half was out… Of course, guess where the CELL PHONE WAS?????? great… carry on…. OUTSITE!!!!!!!!!!!
23. I found an emergency button inside the elevator… so I was able to ask for help. They took 45mins to arrive…. So I was, exhausted from my trip, hungry and stuck on my building elevator for a while…..

What a unforgettable trip!!!


We Are Profitable!

By , April 24, 2007 1:06 pm

For the 3rd quarter. Great job, Sun Microsystems!

Google Chinese IME, The Product of Doing Evil

By , April 8, 2007 6:59 am

On April 4th, Google officially released the first version of its Chinese IME — Google Pinyin. Dr. Kaifu Lee, the famous ethic adviser of youth in China, might have never expect what this product would bring to Google.

Only several hours after the release of Google Pinyin, people using the IME found out that the vocabulary library it was using had too many things in common with Sogou Pinyin — a competing Chinese IME product from Sohu Inc. To protect their vocabulary library from unauthorized usage, the programmers developing Sogou Pinyin embedded their names and other signatures into their vocabulary library, and all these signatures appeared in Google Pinyin. These findings triggered fervency debates over the evilness of Google, which flooded many IT-related forums in China. In response to the debates, Google stated on its internal blogging platform that Google Pinyin was developed by two full time engineers plus one intern in three months using their 20% “independent R&D” time. At the same time, Google quietly upgraded their vocabulary library to remove all known signatures from Sogou Pinyin.

On April 8th, Sohu Inc officially publish an announcement condemning Google’s piracy of Sohu’s vocabulary library. The announcement pointed out that Google is still using Sohu’s vocabulary library even though some of the Sohu signatures have been quietly removed. Sohu also requested Google to apologize for their piracy of Sohu’s vocabulary library and immediately cease the promotion and distribution of Google Pinyin.

Three hours later, in a response to Sohu’s announcement, Google admitted that it had used some none-Google data source in Google Pinyin, and had already upgrade their vocabulary library. In this response Google did not admitted that it has used Sohu’s vocabulary library, and it did not apologize for its piracy of Sohu’s vocabulary library. However, Google quietly deleted (again) the previous announcement from its internal blogging platform regarding how two gifted engineers and one intern developed this super Chinese IME using their spare time. At this point it is quite clear to the public that the talents at Google reverse-engineered Sogou Pinyin and used its vocabulary library directly in Google Pinyin.

It is astonishing to the public that a company like Google would reverse engineer a competitor’s product and use it directly in its own product. However, all the messages we have so far lead to the undebatable conclusion — Google Pinyin, the product of doing evil!


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