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By , April 25, 2006 3:50 pm

It’s a very big day for Sun. And certainly a big day for me, and obviously for Scott.

I wanted to immediately reach out to the 37,900 employees inside Sun. To add a few thoughts on what to expect in the months (and years) ahead and, on a more personal note, to talk about the things I care about, my values (both personal and professional), and to open what I hope will be an on-going dialog to continue growing Sun Microsystems and SUNW.

I want to start with a few things I care most about.

First, I care about what this company stands for. All of us have our pick of job opportunities – I’ve chosen Sun for the past ten years, and am choosing Sun for the next ten based upon the values Scott has always promoted. Integrity. Innovation. Taking a stand for what’s right, and for what you really believe. Bridging the digital divide. Promoting participation. Changing the face of industry and society. That’s not corny to me, that’s why I come to work. That’s our business opportunity. And it’s growing.

I don’t want us simply to be a great company. I want us to be a good company, as well. One that governments invite into their countries and communities. That corporations invite into their data centers. That developers adore because of the commitments we keep. Everyone at Sun has a job that represents a competitive advantage – it’s up to every manager at Sun to know how to explain to his or her staff what that advantage is, and how Sun can leverage it to grow. Because that’s where I’m directing my attention, to growing Sun and SUNW. That’s where Mike Lehman is focusing and, critically, that’s where Scott is going to be focusing, as well – being a mentor and a coach to me, and an ambassador to our largest opportunities, which are planetary in scope.

In that spirit, I care deeply about the talent and leadership within Sun. I believe we have a responsibility to every one of you to create career and professional-development opportunities that help you grow. I’ve always had great opportunities, and you deserve the same. I’ve had five jobs at Sun over a ten-year span, so I feel as though I’ve seen every inch of our business – from the labs to product marketing, from corporate finance to product development, from mergers and acquisitions to operations. And we’re all members of Sun’s incredible salesforce, even if the org charts say otherwise.

I want and will promote leaders who know how to work together. I don’t just believe in teamwork, I require it. We are not competitive as a collection of individual businesses or functions – but we are an industry force when we break from convention and drive systems innovation – in technology and in business. Our best leaders know how to synchronize Sun in ways that let us “punch above our weight, ” as they say in boxing – who know how to present our competitive advantages in ways that confuse our competition and position us to write the rules, not abide by them. That isn’t about to change.

I care that we’re carefully aligned within Sun. Our competition is anywhere from twice to five times our size. They often sell based on how long they’ve been around rather than the innovation they represent. If we want the customer to buy from us, we have to differentiate in a few, carefully planned and, ultimately, systemic ways.

What do I mean by systemic? I mean all of Sun needs to synchronize around the flywheels of innovation that are winning in the marketplace. And if you look at our assets, we have some obvious flywheels, growth engines that represent breakaway opportunities. Not just in our installed base – winning isn’t just about serving your installed base, it’s about grabbing everyone else’s. Systems innovation is what built our installed base, and systems innovation, from mobile developer tools to the highest-end datacenters, is what’s going to double it. If we’re lined up as a team.

And finally, I don’t just care about our cause, I care about our share price, and the market opportunity in front of us. You’re going to hear me say this time and again: from storage to services, software to servers, for as long as we’re on this earth, demand for what we build will not decline. Not even the oil industry can bank on that kind of demand horizon. Our big challenge isn’t going to be demand, it’s going to be intercepting demand by all the means at our disposal – from discovering customers with free software and try-and-buy programs, to having a better trained salesforce and more efficient supply chain. Our marketplace will buy more next year than they did this year – our job is to make sure they buy from Sun, and to protect and build on the legacy Scott created. And that starts with truly exceeding expectations in Q4, in a big way.

I am deeply honored to be tapped for this role, to work alongside you, to join you as we empower the next wave of innovation across the globe, and drive growth and profits here at Sun. As many of you, I bleed Sun purple – I am profoundly committed to our success, personally and professionally. And I know I’m in great company in making that statement, starting with Scott, and extending throughout our global employee base.

So strap yourself in, it’s going to be a wild ride – and I, for one, am honored to play a part, honored to have been chosen by Scott and the board, and honored to serve.


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