Sun University World Tour at Shanghai Jiaotung University

By , September 23, 2006 8:29 pm
<font class="contentwithhtml">Hi all,

I am feeling really good when writing this report -- 537 students from
various institutes in Shanghai joined us at the University World Tour at
Shanghai Jiaotong University.

It was Saturday afternoon. The venue was one-hour ride from the city.
All these could not prevent people from rushing to see us. The venue had
only 250 seats, so more than half of our audience were sitting on the
floor, or standing around. (Richard, please share with us the photos you
took. You have the best camera!) All the students received a copy of the
localized version of NetBeans World Tour CD, a T-Shirt, and instruction
to student SCJP discount and Java Cup code competition. 1/5 of them also
received various gifts such as Solaris books, NetBeans books, dukes,
cups for their participation during the event. One iPod lucky draw was
announced at the end of the event.

I truly believe that the audience were having fun with us throughout the
3-hour event. Thanks to the encouraging keynote by Bob Brewin, and all
the eye-catching and WOW-catching content delivered by Angela Caicedo,
Michael Li, Patrick Gu, and John Jiang (yes I do talks too).

Below is the agenda for this event:

(1) Bob Brewin, The Evolving Web (30 minutes)
(2) Angela Caicedo, Bleeding Edge Demo (20 minutes)
(3) Michael Li, Java Demo (20 minutes)
(4) Angela Caicedo, NetBeans Demo (20 minutes)
(5) Patrick Gu, Solaris / JDS Demo (30 minutes)
(6) Michael Li and John Jiang, Java Puzzle (40 minutes)
(7) John Jiang, Go for SCJP (10 minutes)

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the people
who helped a lot to make this event an amazing success.

- Matt Thompson, for all the trust and support
- Bob Brewin, for taking time to have fun with the student
- Liana, you are always my valued business partner, please share with us
your video
- Angela Caicedo, Michael Li, Patrick Gu, for delivering excellent
presentations to the students
- All the TE's and China OPG management team and engineers who
participated in the creation of the contents and coordination of the
events, especially Mike Hayden, Melanie Gao, Kevin Song, Kevin Zhou,
Zhaozhou Li, Brian Lu, Patrick Gu, Siyuan Tian, Joey Guo, Tiffany Rong.
(I apologize if I missed any names here.)
- Chiu Wen, for all the help we received during the preparation of this
- Jessica Wang, for taking cared of Bob Brewn's transportation in town
- Richard McDougall, for his tireless work in giving trainings to
university teachers, and coming to the event to take pictures

And finally, I apologize if you receive multiple copies of this email.
It is really hard to reach so many people without a certain level of
duplication. If you feel that any body beyond this distribution list
should also receive a copy of this report, please kindly forward it to them.

Best regard,
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