FY07-Q2 Software People’s Choice Award

By , 2007年6月4日 2:18 上午

Hi team,

It is my great honor to share this award with all of you. I am so proud
of being a member of this passionate and innovative team! I enjoy the
feeling of being with each of you like brothers and sisters. Let's keep
creating all the great stuff, and have fun!

Thanks a lot.

("`-''-/").___..--''"`-._            Qingye Jiang (John)
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Matt Thompson wrote:
> Ada, Joey, Joey, John, Michael, & Liang,
> Congratulations! As the SDN China team you have won a Software
> "People's Choice Award" for your FY07 Q2 contributions & achievements
> this FY (yes, this is a bit late in awarding, but well deserved none
> the less!). Rich Green will be announcing this during his Global
> Software All Hands meeting today (which I know is not at a good time
> for listening live in Beijing... there should be a replay available
> shortly after so you can listen to at your convenience...)
> This award is being given based on your great work (as a team) is both
> continuing to grow the SDN program in China as well as your focused
> efforts on working with and training the teaching community in China
> so they in turn can teach their courses using our key Solaris and Java
> technologies (incl. NetBeans). In addition, this is for succeeding in
> substantially growing the # of certifications (and revenue) in China
> during this period.
> Again, congratulations and great job!
> John - the Software communications folks would like a picture of this
> team for the Software website. Could you take the AI to get the team
> together, have a picture taken and then forward it to me?
> Thanks,
> - Matt

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