Photos from OpenSolaris Installfest Event

By , 2008年5月7日 3:39 下午

We provided 45 laptops for this installfest event. But this is not enough, so some of the attendees had to share a laptop. The laptops we used were Lenovo E680-A, which was sold only in China. It took about 45 minutes to install OpenSolaris 2008.05 from the LiveCD onto the hard drive.


A near view. When planed for this event, we expected that the average time an attendee would spend on the installfest will be about 2 hours. So, we did not plan for providing them lunch. That was too bad. 🙁

However, when seeing that most of the attendee spend more than 4 hours on the event, I decided to call McDonalds for delivery. So, at noon every attendee got a lunch box from McDonalds.

近景。当我们策划这次活动的时候,我们以为每位参与者平均在场的时间大概在2 个小时左右。因此,我们并没有计划为参与者提供午餐。这后来被证明是一个错误的决定。

不过,当看到大部分的参与者在场的时间超过4 个小时的时候,我决定立即打电话给麦当劳让他们送餐。因此,中午的时候每一位参与者都得到了一份麦当劳的快餐。

This picture was taken at about 10:00 AM, when the installfest event got started. There were about 20 people in the room at that time. The boy sitting with the big “Unix” on his T-Shirt was an intern from Sun doing onsite support. The T-Shirt he was wearing had the URL on it. Well, we call it a Unix-Center.Net T-Shirt.

这张照片是在上午10点左右拍的,那时侯活动才刚刚开始,屋里大概有20个人的样子。坐在后面的男孩的T-Shirt背后印着大大的Unix字样,他是在现场提供支持的Sun 实习生。他所穿的T-Shirt上还有www.unix-center.net这个URL -- 这就是Unix-Center.Net的站衫。

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