What Are Prohibited During The Beijing 2008 Olympics?

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Many people are interested in what are prohibited during the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Well, below is a list of the things that I know of.

First, the mailing of dangerous packages are prohibited at China Posts. In theory, you can mail anything that can be recognized and determined to be safe by the attendants at the post office. In practice, you can’t mail anything that can not be recognized and determined to be safe by the attendants at the post office. I myself tried to send a book with a CD from the post office at Tsinghua University, and was denied service because the attendant was not able to determine whether the CD inside the book was safe or not. During this special period you can’t mail packages containing solid, liquid, or gas. This policy knocks down the e-business across China, because you can’t deliver any orders by China Posts.

If your air conditioner or refrigerator is not working, you can still call the service company, but they will have difficulty in coming to provide meaningful service. To service an air conditioner or a refrigerator, the service workers need to carry with them some necessary chemicals which are now prohibited in all public transportations. Unless they are driving their own Benz-Mercediz to your apartment, your air conditioner or refrigerator will have to remain shut down during the summer.

Strictly speaking moving is not prohibited during the game. However, trucks are prohibited in Beijing from July to September. So, the moving companies are now out of business. This is also true for the renovation companies. Starting from July 15, all residents in Beijing are required to terminate their renovation work, and renovation workers are prohibited to enter residences from July 20.

Canine-based cuisine is also prohibited during the game. All local hotels and restaurants have been told by the municipal food safety office to stop serving dog meat to both foreigners and local residents. For an ordinary Chinese person like me, we might accept the idea that animals also have animal rights, but they will certain have difficulties in understanding why dogs are superior to cows, pigs, and chickens. So, there have been suggestions that local government should also respect the muslims, or even the vegetarians.

Peking University is one of the most esteemed advance education institutes in China. Many people would like to visit its beautiful campus while in Beijing but obviously they are going to have bad lucks. At the entrance a guard will politely stop you, ask for your purpose of visit, and inform you that you will need an internal “sponsor” to escort you through out the trip. What? You don’t know of anybody working at Peking University? They can do you a favor by allowing you to have a quick peek at the gate, but don’t assume that they will be kind enough to let you sneak in.

Many gyms and dancing clubs that I know of have been ordered to shutdown because of safety concerns. Gyms are dangerous because the exercise equipment can be used as lethal weapons. Dancing clubs are dangerous because terrorists can easily launch an attack in a dark and noisy environment. After several bus booming accidents in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Kunming, the whole country are scared, just like the US after 911. Don’t go to places where there are a lot of people — this is what the residents in Beijing are told (implicitly).

Human beings are not the only species subjected to these strict policies. Weather armies are now ready to shoot down any rain clouds approaching Beijing, causing unusual precipitation in adjacent areas. Peonies in the city of Luoyang, as well as chrysanthemums in Beijing, are prohibited to bloom in season. Rather, they are instructed to bloom around the game, outside of their ordinary biological life cycle. Many Chinese people are familiar with the female emperor Wu Zhetian in the Tang Dynasty. To celebrate her birthday she ordered flowers of all species to bloom on the same day. However, the peonies refused because that was not the right time for them to bloom. As a result, the peonies were exciled to Luoyang. For thousands of years, the peonies have been a symbol of free spirit that does not surrender to authorities. However, in 2008, for the so-called Beijing Olympics, the lovely peonies finaly lost their dignity.

You might ask, what else are prohibited during this ridiculous Beijing 2008 Olympics? Well, why don’t you try Google for a complete list? I myself actually did that and obtained the answer: according to local laws and policies, some of the search results can not be displayed (据当地法律法规和政策,部分搜索结果未予显示。).

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