Photos from Chengdu OpenSolaris User Group

By , 2008年11月1日 11:51 下午

On the afternoon of November 1st I attended the 3rd salon of the Chengdu OpenSolaris User Group (CDOSUG). The salon was held in a recreation room at Southwest Jiaotong University. Below are some of the pictures I took when walking through the campus.

What a vibrant community!

What’s special about this picture? Yes the girls are nice looking. But do you notice that 4 of them held a cell phone in his/her hand? Actually the 5th guy was also holding a cell phone but that was not seen in this photo. This is indeed a hugh market.

I actually talked to these pretty little girls. They were freshmen of this campus. Similarly, each of them had a cell phone, much more beautiful than mine.

The OpenSolaris User Group meeting was held in this building. The big sign on the top says “Southwest Jiaotong University, Workers Union Club”, and the fancy one on the ground says “Minority Flavor Entertaiment Club”.

On this fancy sign there was an A4 size paper.  It says “Welcome to the salon of Chengdu OpenSolaris User Group”.

Following that small sign we went upstairs, and that was the CDOSUG meeting. About 20 people joint the meeting, half of them were professional developers, and half of them were students. It was interesting that the students automatically sat on one side of the room, and the professional developers on the other side — they actually didn’t know each other before. The meeting started at 2:30 PM, with people introducing themselves. Rita (in the middle) then gave a 30-minute talk on various features of OpenSolaris 2008.05, followed by long discussion among the participants. At about 4:30 PM, I did a 20-minute demo with Sun SPOT. After that we became unconferenced again. The discussion went on until people became hungary — that was almost 6:00 PM.

At the end of the meeting, people agreed that they would like to come again next month. We also identified two speakers from the participants for our next meeting. One of them will talk about their view and practice in the open source space, and the other will talk about Sun Cluster. None of them are affliated with Sun except through our product and technologies.

In a word, I like this.

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    A word at the very very last, “affiliated”,right?

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