Taxi Driver with PhD from Stanford

By , August 21, 2009 4:08 pm

I read, with tears, all the blog entries from this Singapore taxi driver — Dr. Cai Mingjie, an ex-PI at IMCB@ASTAR Singapore. I know that blogspot is blocked in China (I myself got there via VPN), but would recommend a read for those who are still able to access the site.

His blog entries make me think about a lot of things…

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  1. Xiaoding says:

    It is suggested to adjust your blog rss output, which is now without any typeset. Many people are accustomed to read blogs inside their rss reader, including me of course. :-)

    Blogspot is available from inside Google Reader after you add it to your subscription list, which you can connect using https so that the great firewall is bypassed.

  2. Yuanjin says:

    Yeah, and I found Dr. Cai did great job in the field of cytoskeleton. I, myself, am a bio-technician in a company, doing research on genetic-modified cotton. Actually, I am wondering why he dropped his quondam aspect as a leader of a group.

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